Alkaline Foods for Diabetes and pH Balance

Diabetes, while a manageable condition, is very difficult to navigate sometimes when it comes to lifestyle in general, particularly dieting. Have you heard of diabetic ketoacidosis? If not, that’s okay because by the time you are done reading this, you will have a basic understanding of not just the condition but why an alkaline diet is best for diabetics. Let’s… More →

Does A Fasting Diet To Cure Diabetes Actually Exist?

Diabetes is one of the most prominent diseases that people have today. It is a condition that happens in stages, each worse than the last. It may begin with something simple such as having hypoglycemia. As it progresses, a person can have type II diabetes, and when their pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin, they will have type… More →

Dr. Brinson Explains Tapping Therapy for Diabetes

Is diabetes curable? Our staff are still researching whether diabetes can be reversed. But we do believe that you can reduce the effects of diabetes. One way to reduce the effects is by using natural methods such as acupressure, explained in the following video: In the video above, Dr. Mark Brinson explains how to use acupressure to treat Type 2… More →

The Forum for Caring Youth with Diabetes

The Forum for Caring Youth with Diabetes is founded to provide quality programs and education to help children and youth with diabetes and their families. We are committed and dedicated to improving the lives of diabetic youth. A percentage of profits from our programs will be donated to camps that support youth development. You can join our movement by making… More →