Alkaline Foods for Diabetes and pH Balance

Diabetes, while a manageable condition, is very difficult to navigate sometimes when it comes to lifestyle in general, particularly dieting. Have you heard of diabetic ketoacidosis? If not, that’s okay because by the time you are done reading this, you will have a basic understanding of not just the condition but why an alkaline diet is best for diabetics.

Let’s start with why diabetics need to eat an alkaline diet. Do you know what that is? You have heard of pH levels for sure, and foods have them. A very acidic diet can wreak havoc on anyone, and specifically, it puts diabetics at risk for the condition mentioned earlier, diabetic ketoacidosis. So an alkaline diet would represent a more balanced diet, but not just in the way you’re used to hearing about.

A balanced diet in this sense is in reference to foods and pH levels. You know the pH scale, but do you know what the numbers represent. The lower the number, the higher the acidity. The next thing you need to know is that the scale goes to 14. Any foods ranking up there near 14 are very alkaline. Foods around 7, which by the way is a good average number to shoot for when planning your overall diet, are considered to be neutral. And, as mentioned earlier, the foods given a lower number are more acidic.

While people can experience all kinds of normal discomforts due to an acidic diet, diabetics have one extra and very life threatening risk. If you guessed it is the diabetic ketoacidosis then you guessed correctly. This condition is also known as DKA, and what happens is the acids or ketones start showing up in a patient’s blood. These ketones can also show up in a patient’s urine as well. To avoid this, diabetics monitor their diets to average out around 7 and include quite a few alkaline foods, hence the alkaline diet.

Would you be able to guess what some of the alkaline foods are? Maybe you were already aware of some choices but didn’t know much about the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. It is just one risk posed to diabetics, and so that means the most important point here is the overall management of the condition and a patient’s lifestyle period. The alkaline foods aren’t even the only dietary focus.

Diabetics have to manage their blood sugar levels, so that also comes into play. While some people may come up with more of a ‘diet formula’ diabetics have to look at specific foods, learning perhaps much more about dieting than others if managing their condition correctly. It is what we all should really do instead of walking into the grocery store and buying every conveniently packaged piece of sugared up garbage known to man.

Hey, that sugared up garbage can be tasty. What do you do? You do your best, and if you’re a diabetic, that includes possibly including more alkaline foods in your diet. One thing about diabetes, too, is that it is always a condition individual to the person, too, due to its nature as well as how it is individually managed.

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