Essential Diabetic Supplies You Need at Home

People with diabetes, whether it be type one or type two, will need a certain amount of diabetes supplies so they can control their own blood sugar levels at home. Your GP will be able to tell you which diabetes supplies you will need and where best to get these from. The first thing to realize is the best way to control your diabetes is with a healthy balanced diet and a lean and shape training system, both of which are under your own control.

Insulin needles (picture by Heather Aitken)However, some people can not control their diabetes with just healthy eating and a workout, it will depend on the severity of your diabetes. So the first diabetes supply you will need will be insulin. Insulin will come in a disposable dosing device so you can measure out the right amount which you need every time. Another diabetic supply you will need is needles. You should never use the same needle more then once, it should be thrown in a designated bin and then a new one should be used the next time.

Alternatively to injections there is new technology known as insulin pumps. These could be an important diabetic supply you would need if you think these are right for you. There are many available on the market and you will need to choose one that is right for you. You wear them all the time so need to make sure your purchase is the right one. You can buy accessories for your insulin pump such as a case to carry it in; this is especially liked by children and will also hide the insulin pump if you wish to do so.

The third diabetic supply that is crucial to being able to monitor your blood sugar levels at home is a glucose meter. You will also need extra diabetic supplies in order to be able to use your glucose meter. You will need something to be able to prick your finger and gain a drop of blood and you will also need glucose testing strips. These diabetic supplies will usually all come together in a pack, but obviously extra testing strip will need to be purchased as you will use at least two a day. How many you use will depend how well you are controlling your diabetes and how long you have been using a glucose meter. There are many glucose meters on the market today so it is important to do your research and pick one that is right for you.

Blood glucose meterAnother diabetes supply that every diabetic should have in there home is everything you would need for wound care. When diabetic wounds do not always heal as they should do taking a lot longer then someone who does not have diabetes. This is why for diabetics wound supplies are important. You should have all the necessary cleaning aids and bandages. You should also know when you can deal with a wound at home with your own diabetic supplies or when it is time to seek out medical help at the hospital.

The last diabetic supply which you may or may not want to invest in is diabetic food. Some people find these useful and others will choose to just stick to a healthy well balanced diet. Diabetic food is no longer a necessity but it is still there for those who wish to have it.

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