Does A Fasting Diet To Cure Diabetes Actually Exist?

Diabetes is one of the most prominent diseases that people have today. It is a condition that happens in stages, each worse than the last. It may begin with something simple such as having hypoglycemia. As it progresses, a person can have type II diabetes, and when their pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin, they will have type I diabetes.

There is no cure for type I diabetes for the simple fact that once your pancreas no longer produces insulin, the only alternative is to take injections. If you do not do this, your body will not have the insulin that is necessary to process the glucose that is in your bloodstream, leading to glucose toxicity in the blood, which will lead to death.

However, depending upon how long you have had type II diabetes, this is something that you can manage. There are also ways that you can use fasting to your advantage in order to make second stage diabetes either much more manageable, or according to some people, completely reverse the process.

An Overview Of Fasting

Fasting, by definition, is simply eliminating food from your diet, and only drinking water. There are different levels of fasting, which may include eliminating solid foods and only drinking juices, or it may require you to eat no food at all.

The reason that fasting, including intermittent fasting, could be a breakthrough in helping reverse the symptoms of type II diabetes is because of how it can bring balance back to your body. Let’s look at why diabetes occurs, and then show you why fasting may actually be a viable solution for those that have second stage diabetes.

How Diabetes Occurs

Diabetes can be genetic, or it can be the result of your diet. In both cases, your pancreas is affected.

This organ in your body is responsible for releasing insulin into your bloodstream, which can process glucose so that the cells of your body can receive the sugar molecules, which are then subsequently broken down into energy for the body in the mitochondria of each and every cell. When you start to develop diabetes, it is usually the result your pancreas not being able to produce enough insulin.

Mitochondria cell
A diagram of a mitochondria cell

Additionally, if you are on a diet where you are constantly drinking or consuming products that are high in processed sugar, these spikes of sugar can actually overload pancreas, leading to the development of type I diabetes once it finally shuts down.

Does A Fasting Diet To Cure Diabetes Actually Exist?

Your body naturally needs sugar in order to properly function. In fact, glucose is the primary food for the brain. It is also related to many other bodily functions, and if you are stressing your pancreas so that it is no longer producing insulin in adequate amounts, this can cause many other health problems.

The key is to bring balance back into your body, and by eliminating excessive amounts of refined sugars from your diet, you can get this under control. In some cases, many people will go on a vegetable or juice diet, one that is free from refined sugars, as well as refined or processed foods, which will force the body to begin to utilize adipose cells that are stored in in your body, converting the fat into glucose.

Once this occurs, not only will you begin to lose weight naturally, but the body will extract only the fact that it needs for the sugar that the body demands. This is a win-win scenario, one that will give your pancreas a break so that it can perhaps get back to normal, and it will also help you begin to lose weight.

Although it is not a guarantee, if you are able to do a juicing diet, or fast for several days, the absence of excessive amounts of glucose in your bloodstream can actually begin to make things right. But you must make sure to do fasting the right way, as explained on the Intermittent Body website.

If you have simply stressed, your pancreas so that it is not functioning properly, by eliminating glucose completely for just a few days, you may actually reset the pancreas so that it may start to distribute proper amounts of insulin into the bloodstream once again.

Now that you know that it may be possible for there to be a fasting diet to cure diabetes, you might want to try this for yourself if you suffer from this condition.

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