7 Worst Foods to Avoid When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

The FCYD staff believe that being a diabetic doesn’t mean you must limit yourself to foods that have no taste. Although it is true that you must watch what you are eating to maintain your blood glucose level, you can still eat plenty of recipes that are nutritious and healthy.

Even so, there are many foods out there that you should avoid. These foods may be enjoyable for your taste buds, and a few are even considered “health foods”, but they have an adverse effect for your well being. They contain high amounts of fat, carbs, sodium and calories that can raise your blood sugar and make you gain weight.

Here is a list of 7 foods to avoid as a Type 2 diabetic:

1. French Fries

The first food on our list is not a healthy food, for everybody. Even people with normal blood sugar levels can benefit from avoiding french fries that are loaded with fat and salt. As a diabetic, it’s even more important you avoid this food. You can substitute fries with home-made oven-baked recipes.

2. Chinese Food

Speaking about fried foods, deep fried foods are the second on our list of foods to avoid. The website LowFatSlimmingDiet.com states that fried foods can cause inflammation, which is responsible for many diseases including diabetes. Chinese food can sometimes be healthy, but it also has many deep fried foods in the menu. If you want to eat Asian cuisine, you can try cooking it at home using healthy ingredients.

3. White Rice

Chinese food has a lot of fried rice. There is a statement that says if a food is white, avoid it. White food may be white due to bleaching, such as white rice and white sugar. The more white rice you eat, the higher your risk for Type 2 diabetes. Instead of eating white rice, eat brown rice that is healthier.

4. Blended Coffee

You can’t eat without drinking. When it comes to drinks, coffee is a popular mainstay in our culture. However, the modern version of blended coffee contains many additions to it, including sugar and other sweeteners. These additions make blended coffee have many more calories compared to simple black coffee. If you must have coffee to start your day, black coffee is your choice.

5. Dried Fruit

After foods and drinks, what about desert? Is fruit safe? Fruit itself doesn’t do damage, but dried fruit can. Fruit that is dried has a concentrated level of sugar since all the water is dehydrated. Eating dried fruits can raise your blood sugar levels, so eat fresh fruits instead. The E-Factor Diet mentions that some fruits are enzymatic foods that help your digestion to better absorb nutrients. For more examples of fruits that are healthy to eat, click here to see how does the E Factor Diet work.

6. Fruit Smoothies

Still in the group of fruits, smoothies are often touted as health foods. But if you buy a store-bought smoothies, you may be buying a high amount of sugar too. When going out with your friends, you might be tempted to buy a smoothie, but check to see if it is loaded with sugar or not. A better option would be a home-made smoothie that you make without sugar.

7. Fruit Juice

The final food to avoid on our list is fruit juice. Your parents may have told you that drinking orange juice in the morning is healthy. But fruit juices bought from the grocery store contains a high sugar amount. This may be surprising, but it is true. Rather than drink fruit juice, eat the whole fresh fruit so you get all the health benefits of fiber and vitamins.

As a young person, it is difficult to stay to a restricted diet especially when you are out having a good time with your friends. Therefore, you must ask support from your friends and your family whenever you are going out. By watching out for what you eat and avoiding damaging foods, you can manage your blood sugar to a healthy level. Read more about normal blood sugar levels.

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